First off let me start by saying that we get it!

Sometimes kids run around, sometimes they are loud, sometimes they cry, sometimes they eat snacks.


Maple Park is a church where we welcome families and all that comes with it.


Our Sunday morning service is a time of singing, praying, and teaching from the Bible and we welcome everyone to take part.

You can expect that we will take breaks for church announcements, offering and prayer during the singing.

Our Kids program begins after we have finished singing together.

So you can expect that for the first portion of the service your kids will be joining us, and we are OK with that. In fact we WANT that. We believe that it is so important to spend some time together as a church, regardless of age.

So if your kids are getting restless or you are worried they may be a distraction, please know we accept you and your family. Our church is comprised of many families varying in ages and your kids wont be the first to want to explore or play with a toy on the chairs, and they wont be the last!

So if you are coming for your first time to Maple Park we hope you know that your kids are welcome, they are understood, and they are valued.


You might hear someone say “K-O-R” and wonder, what does that mean?

It stands for Kids On the Rock.

KIDS—Our primary goal is create a space for your kids. We want them to feel welcomed and engaged. This means that we have programs starting at nursery age and going all the way to grade 6.

ON THE ROCK—We believe that by teaching about the truth of who Jesus is we can offer them a strong foundation for their lives—Jesus is the rock. All of our class lessons are taken from the “ Truth:78” curriculum.


All of our K-O-R volunteers and teachers are required to submit a current criminal record check as well as be trained in our “Safety and Risk Management Policy”

If you would like to read our current policies you can click on the link.


Preschool—ages 3-Kindergarten

In this class we are teaching “He established a testimony” which is Old Testament stories for young children

Primary—grades 1-3

In this class we are teaching “ABCs of God” which is a study of the characteristics of God

Intermediate—grades 4-6

In this class we are teaching “My Purpose Will Stand”

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